All other dials in the series use the more familiar PVD process to apply their colors

This rich red hue, created through a rarely seen process called CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition), dramatically displays the grain of the sunburst dial in images, with subtle orange accents highlighting the intricately brushed and polished surfaces of the applied indices and the Complement the handset well. All other dials in the series use the more familiar PVD process to apply their colors. The not-quite-gold, not-quite-orange “Saffron” dial is another highlight in images, with a vibrant and outgoing character that adds drama to the Aqua Terra design without overwhelming the simple layout in images.For those who have a If you're looking for a more traditional, conservative option, the slate blue sunburst option offers a tastefully understated take on the sports watches' ubiquitous blue dial motif, while the bright champagne gold of the "Sandstone" dial offers an edgy alternative to the classic silver dial. Finally, the mint green tone of the “Bay Green” dial marks an intriguing middle ground between restraint and visual drama in images, with a markedly different execution than the plethora of olive green and hunter green dials on the current market.

The five new 34mm models of the Omega Replica Seamaster Aqua Terra series offer overall more delicate color combinations that fit this lighter and more feminine interpretation of the Aqua Terra formula. The 38mm model's applied wedge indices are replaced by brightly polished white gold applied diamonds, while the handset abandons the larger design's partial brushing and blunt dauphine hour hand in favor of a slimmer, sharper, fully polished rendition of the Aqua Terra's signature dauphine and arrow listeners. The fake watches printed minute track has been removed from these models for a smoother, less aggressive look, while the larger models' applied Omega text at 12 o'clock has been replaced with a simpler printed font. Even the 6 o'clock date window is softened by the trapezoidal cutout of the 38mm models, with the 34mm series opting for a circular window with a tall raised frame. However, both case variants suffer from the same white date wheel, which noticeably disrupts the overall visual flow of these dials in images.